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Would you like to participate on Ubuntu Liberation Movement Brazil or know more about us? Will be a pleasure to assist you.

Gustavo Almeida
on 2/25/18, 10:56 PM 405 views

There is many ways to be part of Ubuntu Brazil. You can invest on your training, to be ready to start your own community. You can invest on projects that are running at the Ubuntu Brazil Eco Village at Canavieiras, Bahia or new projects to be implemented at our village or at yours.

When you invest on us there is many ways to be paid back. We have a page for Ubuntu Brazil here at Ubuntu Bots, where you can find videos from Daniel Konzett's YouTube Channel. Videos available here are in Portuguese-BR only, but you can find some in German if you prefer. Also you can find links to Ubuntu Brazil's official page.

Ubuntu Bots is a partner who is offering, to Ubuntu Brazil and to the public, a platform for contributionism here at UbuntuBots.com.

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Asked: 2/25/18, 10:56 PM
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